were going to make history together.

Being a Summer lover means there aren't exactly many things I look forward to when the winter starts drawing in, I mainly spend my time planning what tropical destination I can escape to next... The one thing that I do look forward to however is wearing all my fave jackets and coats again. I've always been mega obsessed with statement jackets as they can make any normal or dull outfit look put together and stylish. The Military look has been a favourite of mine forever, and since its finally in stores this season I thought I'd style this Zara jacket (something you can all get your hands on)- which is a nod to Yves Saint Laurent as a much smaller cost. Make sure to check out how to get the look at the bottom of the post :)!

Get the look below:
Not featured: Amelia London Scarf 
Zara Jacket
Tee: PSC brand
leather pants: Freddy Ireland

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