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We all know prolonged exposure to the sun can be damaging and dangerous for our skin. From wrinkles and unwanted marks to cancer, too much sun just isn't worth the risk. So, don't you think its about time we stop frying our skin for a tan that only lasts a couple of weeks? Why not keep our skin protected, moisturised and bronzed with the help of self tanners? When I go on holiday I like to fake tan beforehand and during, creating a much more even skin tone and preventing those awkward first days of being the token 'pale british ones that just got here' we've all been there... 

After trying and testing quite a few fake tans over the years I've whittled it down to my top few faves  that are all great for different reasons. I judge a great tan on the following:

  • A natural colour (in no way orange or green)
  • How quick it takes to apply and develop (I hate sleeping in a tan whilst it develops!).
  • Its scent (no one wants to smell of biscuits)
  • How long it lasts

 St Tropez Self tan Express Bronze Mousse £33

I generally love all of St Tropez' self tans, this one is my favourite as it only takes 3 hours to be at its darkest. You can put it on in the morning for an hour or two (the longer you leave the darker) then wash off and it will develop through the day. 

Tarte Cosmetics -Brazilliance - $39
When I lived in LA for a short while I complimented another model on her amazing tan and was jealous she had been able to get out in the sun, her response was that it was this fake tan and she was usually pale. The colour of this tan is great, it comes with a mitt and the scent isn't slightly offensive. I'm not sure if this is sold in the UK yet.

Fake Bake 'Flawless' £11.99

I love the colouring of Fake Bakes tanning range, its a true brown and never orangey, red or green. 
I always get compliments after using this tan.

Vita Liberata PHenominal marula self tan oil £30

If I want a tan that I know will last a long time - I love using Vita Liberatas products. This tanning oil actually has SPF 50 in, so is amazing for taking on holiday to bronze yourself whilst protecting yourself from the sun - the dream! It is odourless and a beautiful luxurious colour.

Bondi Sands Everyday tanning milk £11.99

Originating from the sandy shores of Australia, Bondi Sands know a good tan. This product from their range is amazing if you want to control your tanning. It is an everyday body lotion that is build-able over time. It's great if you're naturally pale and only want a natural glow.

Sunkissed Bronze Professional Moisturing Spray Tan £8.99

I think this is one of the easiest tans to apply EVER. It literally takes a minute to spray on and is a clear formula so doesn't stain your bathroom (we've all been there). Its a beautiful colour and duper affordable too! 

So there you have it! Lots of fake tans all amazing in their own ways that cam help you be beach ready!... What tanning products do you love? Tweet me @xChloeLloyd

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