beauty: my skincare regime

chloe lloyd

Growing up I was very lucky with my skin, I never suffered with spots or acne like a lot of teenagers do, I only acquired the odd small pimple now and then which id put toothpaste on and voila, gone by morning. Now i’m an adult I’ve really learnt the importance of skincare and what it can do not just for sustaining skins youth but just generally making it look GOOD. 

Being a model adds a whole new level of being overly aware of your skin, in a normal job when you have a spot you cover it up with makeup and get on with it.. When you’re a model  you have to arrive at work with a totally clean face ready for makeup, whilst being very aware the makeup artist is about to get right up in your business and see every pore, imperfection and mark! Let alone everyone else on set... Knowing your skin type and how to make your skin the best it can be is the key to great skin. 

In my first year of modelling I came down with a skin disease called Psriosis Rosea, a very rare form of Psriosis that flares up and can last between a month to 6 months. It apparently happened from being run down, stressed from working and travelling so much. My entire body face down was covered In what I can only describe as small red, dry patches. It was a horrendous ordeal and obviously totally affected my job and self asteem at the time. It just goes to show what goes on inside your body and how you feel really can come out through your skin, having a nutritious diet and staying away from too much sugar and alcohol I find makes my skin the best it can be.

My skin type I’ve found is normal to dry - getting drier in the winter months where I’m often lathering on the thick cremes and oils to keep my skins moisture. 

I’ve found the key to my general skincare regime is exfoliating… Getting rid of dead skin cells and making skin renew itself, creating an amazing clean smooth base for makeup. I exfoliate every day and find its key to find an exfoliator which isn’t too harsh so doesn’t strip your skin of its oils but does the job! 

I’m currently loving Lancer skin care - based in Beverly Hills and adored by celebrities all over. 
I use all of his face products and also love his all over body scrub for in the shower

Chanel exfoliator is also a favourite in my household. I’ve used this for a few years now and my Fiance does too, (i’ve had to give into trying to hide it from him). Its more of a face wash with light exfoliator.

Heres just some of my current skin care favourites although i’m always always trying new things...
bio oil
Large Bio Oil £10.99 (I put this all over my body sometimes my face)

miscellar water

Garnier Micellar water £3.29

lancer skincare

The Method: Nourish £105
 The Method: Polish £60
The Method: Cleanse £48


Chanel exfoliating cleanser £38
The Method: Intensive night treatment £140

nars makeup
Nars Eye Makeup remover £18.50

The Method: Body Polish £40

Soap and Glory body scrub ( this smells so good) £8

Embryolisse Moisturiser £20 
(I always see so many makeup artists use this underneath makeup so i copied them and now i do too!) 

Heres some beauty products I took away with me recently, perfect for the sunshine.

What're your skincare favourites?! 

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