I asked you guy on twitter and Instagram to send in any burring questions you had for me using the hashtag #askchloe .... loads of you replied so I selected a few of my faves and answered them below!
If I didn't answer your question this time I might just next time :) 

No! I just have my ears pierced twice. When I was younger I wanted my lip pierced... I'm very glad I didn't go through with that! I also got my belly pierced when I was 12 because all my friends at school did but soon realised it just wasn't cool at all and now I have the scar! We obviously wanted to be Britney Spears.

I love the cool vibe and atmosphere of London, it has so much culture, stories to tell and so many nooks to hide away (and shop) in. If only it was a little warmer! Living on the river is pretty cool, too!

 I suffer from dry skin in the winter so love using a great exfoliator along with a thick night cream to keep my skin nourished. Check out my skincare post here

I love shooting in tropical places so I'd have to say the white sands of the Maldives!

My hair can get very dry from shooting and being styled so often so I make sure I put heat protection on before heading to work. I also try to use regular masks and am currently loving Philip Kingsley's Elastizer. I love Easilocks' heat protection oil.

There are so many highs like being able to travel the world and go to places you may not have visited otherwise. The lows include missing loved ones and getting lonely when you're away!

I was actually enrolled in acting school/ university but pulled out last minute to move to London and start modelling full time. So maybe that! Or something to do with art or writing... who knows! 

I like to wear a beige/neutral colour usually or black as I think those shades go with everything!

It doesn't annoy me no.. 'Modelling' is a very broad phrase and sometimes can be easy.. but can also be very tough. Every job, career and day is totally different! 

You grow up quite quickly, you learn to speak to new people from all areas of life and how to handle yourself as a business every single day. I've learnt the models that do well are not the best, there are thousands of girls out there all working hard, it comes down to so many factors, even sheer luck!

I'm quite tough and don't take anything too personally, so if I don't get a job or someone says something negative about me I try not to lose sleep over it. I definitely realise everyone looks totally different and Its not my fault if the girl used isn't me! There is often pressure to look good at all times, have clear skin and good hair etc, but everyone is human and you can't always be perfect! 

We met at an event in London in 2014. My friends said there was a boy across the room who kept staring at me all night and it was him (he will kill me for saying that)! We have been inseparable ever since! :) 

I love a brown/ bronze smokey eye, bronzed skin and a nude lip! Classic! 

To continue to work with amazing brands, get more great campaigns under my belt and to be an entrepreneur, release my own products and build an empire!

I'd say 'beauty' is an essence.. Whether its physical looks or kindness! Inner beauty is massively important in life, you can be the prettiest person in the world and if you're mean you're just plain urrrrglay.

Haha go for it! All my tattoos I got off the cuff... I think I drew it on with biro one night for fun then the next day I got it tattooed on. I love tattoos!

A Black lace up heel or a leather boot. 

I love the Olsen twins, Rachel Zoe, Erin Wasson, Rosie HW and Kate Moss... i could go on forever! SO many cool chicks out there. 

I was about 15 and I modelled big fluffy dresses on a stair case. My mum still has the pictures up in her dining room (I cringe every time i walk in there)

 I got scouted as a teenager by various agencies but I was at school at the time.. When i got older I entered an online competition which over 60,000 people entered and to my surprise ended up winning! This then lead to shooting a campaign and eventually starting modelling full time after I finished college. I then signed to a top agency and never looked back. It was supposed to just  

At the time it was quite hard as I wasn't as tall as most models ( At the time it was pretty unheard of to join a top agency if you're under 5'9/10) but I was very determined to prove myself. These days modelling can be for so many different types of people and you can have your own niche.

I'd say that modelling isn't as glamorous as it looks on instagram etc. I think these days were so inundated online with models that may have gotten their career through reality tv, or they perceive an image of perfection online and only show the *good bits*, there fore people with no idea think its easy to  live that lifestyle. It really isn't real for 99% of working models, to be successful you really do have to graft hard, travel the world alone, not get paid for a lot of things, maybe live in small apartments with other girls you don't know.... It definitely isn't all 'glitz and glam' like instagram may make you believe! Every girls journey is totally different.

I love Charlotte Tilbury's 'Bronze & Glow' at the minute! 

Of course! You can't not compare yourself its natural and I'm a girl lol

I pluck the odd random ones but i like my eyebrows to be natural and bushy looking. My favourite products to fill them in with at the minute are Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil and Benefits 'Gimme Brow'.

 I'm always using different ones but my all time faves are probably Armani Luminous Silk foundation and Nars Creamy Concealer! (although that could change next week haha) 

Check my skincare blog for my tips! I try to only compare myself to myself and set myself goals, It is a very mentally challenging job as you never know whats around the corner and nothing is ever guaranteed but it is also very rewarding and fun! I love the chase and  prefer to be mega excited about what could be coming rather than scared :) 

Thanks for your questions! 

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